The people platform for people managers

The future of performance management

Our software facilitates coaching led one-to-ones to support all aspects of an individual's development journey

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The future of work is human

For businesses that are serious about creating a people-focused culture, 80% of the answer lies with their managers. Open Blend is the only people platform specifically for people managers, guiding them to have coaching conversations with their talent that actively support all aspects of the individual’s development journey. Ensuring they engage in effective, meaningful and regular one-to-ones that accelerate performance for the whole team.

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The impact of Open Blend

Open Blend is so much more than just another HR platform. In fact it’s not an HR platform, it’s a people platform that empowers managers and talent to truly connect. At the heart of Open Blend is the powerful Blend tool, grounded in established coaching frameworks and using the latest technology to reconnect the workplace and support everyone to thrive.