OpenBlend are proud to be working with CAMC

We’re always happy to see our clients express their satisfaction with OpenBlend and how creative they can be with their launches of our platform.

The Caravan and Motorhome Club certainly did just that, with their brilliant launch of OpenBlend on the 2nd of July. With the help of a great mascot, they set up a stand to let everyone choose their own Blend in the form of a refreshing smoothie as they came into work on launch day.

Wellbeing is high on our agenda at the Club and I am delighted with how well our launch of Open Blend was received last week. I am convinced this will have a huge positive impact on cultural change in our organisation. People are already talking about their blend!Kerry Upton, Head of HR.

In communication to the business, Nick Lomas, Director General of CAMC expressed his excitement about ditching their old style of annual appraisals and how OpenBlend will improve the focus of 1-1 meetings and increase the ability of their managers as coaches.

We’re really looking forward to working with The Club and having a positive impact on the employee experience and the business.

About Caravan and Motorhome Club

The Caravan and Motorhome Club is an organisation representing nearly 1 million members of caravan and motorhome users across UK, Ireland and Europe. They date back to 1907, where outdoor enthusiasts formed the Club for like-minded caravanners.

They’re currently upgrading their facilities across their entire site network, including having wi-fi on every single site by the end of 2019. Their aim is to make their Club more open and inclusive, to help everyone get the most from their time in the great outdoors, to enthuse new members and to forever inspire a pioneering spirit of adventure.

About Open Blend

Open Blend is a people centred performance management tool that facilitates coaching led conversations that support all aspects of an individual’s development journey and enable businesses to truly accelerate the performance of their people.

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