Employee Experience Event

In a fast-paced modern working landscape, it’s vital that companies understand what really drives their people in order to create a ‘peak performance’ culture.

On the 10th of July, OpenBlend and Innecto Reward Consulting partnered together to co-host an Employee Engagement event. Full of live discussions from our thought leaders and industry specialists, we were thrilled with the conversations taking place as we dived into how to maintain peak performance in the modern workforce.

Our morning event consisted of a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, as those who attended networked with others and enjoyed a hearty spread of breakfast edibles.

The event was split into three speaking sessions;

-          Justine Woolf, Director of Consulting at Innecto Reward Consulting

-          Anna Rasmussen, Founder & CEO at OpenBlend

-          Rosie Ranganathan, People Director, at England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB)

After our speakers presented, we allowed an open floor for any questions or comments from our audience in which we were delighted with the engagement and interesting thoughts that sparked such great conversations.

In the next blogs that will follow, we will delve into what each of our speakers focused on, expand further on their subject and produce a three part series on how to better understand the people inside your business, understanding the building blocks that create ‘peak performance’ culture and maintaining this in the modern workforce.

About Innecto Reward Consulting

Innecto is a pay and reward consultancy that provides advice, support and practical help to solve any challenge relating to attracting, retaining and motivating people.

About Open Blend

Open Blend is a people centred performance management tool that facilitates coaching led conversations that support all aspects of an individual’s development journey and enable businesses to truly accelerate the performance of their people.