Our Stories: Continual Feedback - Anna Rasmussen

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As a manager I really enjoyed raising awareness and digging deeper into the area of ‘doing well’. Good and positive feedback is so easily overlooked or rushed through, with the focus, for both parties normally on development areas. It was both refreshing and rewarding to discuss what the ‘doing well’ feedback means to my team and how we can further embed. We all need to stop and absorb positive feedback .. we deserve it!

I felt supported to discuss where the individual needed more support; I took the areas of support as my responsibility as their manager. It helped me realise/ become aware of where they need more direction from me and we were very easily able to put steps in place to make that happen. It was action led, clean, developmental and solvable.

The framework in Open Blend made me feel good at my job and took the taboo out of feedback. It definitely made my life easier!

Liz HaywardComment