Our Stories: Continual Feedback - Bradley Bruce

Brad website September.png

Even though I had been involved in shaping the feedback function at Open Blend, when it came down to giving feedback to my colleagues I had to really take time over how I could add value to their experience.  I was eager to provide feedback but definitely found it a little more daunting to provide thoughts in the area of ‘Needs support’ as I absolutely wanted to be helpful not critical.

 Just before I clicked on my own feedback on the deadline day, I was a little nervous when preparing to read what others had given me. In actual fact, there was no need to be. It was great to get recognition for my hard work and clarity on where I need support. In some cases this reinforced my own feelings and also highlighted a couple of new areas. It was also incredibly useful to see trends in the feedback as this helped with creating clear next steps for development.

Discussing feedback with my manager and creating actions was extremely useful. It gave the whole process meaning and purpose and left me feeling confident that I could perform better in my role. I created two actions and one I have already put into practice. 

Liz HaywardComment