Our Stories: Continual Feedback - Jemma Cunliffe


Using Open Blend’s Continual Feedback has taught me how empathetic and insightful the people I work with are.

Having just completed my first Open Blend feedback session I feel genuinely chuffed by the thought and time people have taken to recognise what I do, and to give me some guidance on where I could potentially improve.

I, like many, can suffer from the imposter that is self doubt. So having the opportunity to sit with Liz, who does my Blend, to read out loud where people think I’m doing well and discuss this, was really nice and reassuring. It made me feel happy and appreciated, and made what I do in my role feel really worthwhile.

In the suggestions of where I ‘need support’ there was one piece of feedback that really stood out for me. It came from our designer Xavier. I could recognise that he was absolutely right when he pointed out I lack process in certain areas. I left the session with Liz with a renewed sense of determination to drive efficiency in our product design and discovery process. I have already started making steps to ensure that happens, and discussed with Xavier some of my ideas for how we can work together. It feels great that we now have an action plan!