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Open Blend clients are champions for creating genuine people-focused cultures inside their organisations.
They share our vision to reconnect the workplace, powering up productivity and engagement to drive the business forward.


“We have changed our one-to-one conversations with Open Blend.  We now recognise our people as individuals and are evolving to the needs of today’s workforce.  The ROI of implementing Open Blend is a no brainer.”

Karen Williams, CFO, Avios

Our main aim was to build and support relationships between line managers and their direct reports. We needed a mechanism to enable consistent, effective, coaching conversations.

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“Open Blend have been instrumental in helping us to refocus on how we want to operate.  The mix of “elements” and the way that the discussions are organised really enable a company to understand what drives individual employees - this has already resulted in us changing our policy around flexible working.”

Grant Vowls, Managing Director
Chameleon International


Guidant place the engagement and wellbeing of their workforce as a high priority activity. Most effort had historically focused at a macro…

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“It has transformed the way I conduct one-to-ones with my teams. Open Blend is a must for every business.”

Cheryl Moloney, Operations Director
Blue Arrow

The feedback from the team has been great, replacing a 6 – 12 month appraisal process with regular monthly conversations means we are much more connected. The result is a happier, less stressed and more confident team, which isn’t always easy to achieve in a growing business.


“Since using Open Blend, we’ve noted an upsurge in the levels of trust between Leader and Talent.”

Gianni Georgiades, CEO
Lacoste PCL



We had never had a formal appraisal system or agreed process, everyone always did things in their own way.
Open Blend has helped us to make the time and supported us to get a structure in place that works for our business.

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